Ali Abdelaziz thinks Moraes should get the title fight with Yan, not Sterling


Former UFC lightweight contender Marlon Moraes Ali Abdelaziz, manager of the former UFC bantamweight contender, is convinced that his mentee is more worthy of a fight against the reigning champion Petr Yan than number two of the 135 division’s Aljamain Sterling.

On his Twitter page, Ali Abdelaziz shared a story according to which UFC boss Dana White refused to name Sterling as the next challenger for the title and said he was just one of the candidates for the fight with Yan.

“Sterling is very good, but Marlon Moraes knocked him and Jimmy Rivera, finished Assuncao, and beat Aldo. The rankings indicate that Moraes is number one. How can someone tell me he’s not the first?

It’s Dana White’s decision. If the title fight is given to Aljamain, it’s all right, I’ll be happy for him. But Marlon is the person who should get this fight,” wrote Ali Abdelaziz.

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